Month: June 2017

If you are planning to sell a construction or a home, it is best if you can carry out an examination beforehand. This way, you will know exactly what is wrong if at all. By readying your home well for the examination, you lose the risk of the examiner damaging the property because he had to try and open a locked door by himself or the likes of such. The governments of some countries specifically need the seller to give the buyer a precise report on the construction. Here are some ways to ensure that your home is well prepped for a visit from the examiner.building inspection melbourne

Clean up well

This is the simplest step of all that needs to be taken and still many home owners do not accomplish this well enough. There is nothing bad that will come out of creating a good first impression with the examiner who visits your home for property inspections. To read more about property inspections please visit

Be punctual

Examiners who attend home inspections Melbourne are known to arrive on time. Therefore, it is your duty to be there on time as well. Make sure that your home is ready to be examined at least half an hour before the appointment time. The examiners will also start the examination from the outside of the house first. Therefore be prepared and do not be caught off-guard if you see a stranger walking around your garden.

Your utilities are best left connected

Your examiner will be switching on the stove and will also turn on your dishwasher, air conditioning or heater. It is therefore important for you to leave the utilities on and working. If the power in the home is switched off, the examiner will not be able to check for receptacles, reverse polarity and if everything has been earthed correctly. Even if the home that you are getting a report of is vacant, remember to keep the utilities running. If the utilities are not working, your examination will most probably be put off to a later date which is not good for the sell that you want to get over with on time.

Make sure that there is ample space for the examiner to move around
Ensure that any and all boxes, furniture, shelves, cupboards and the likes are not blocking the way to any of the sections that will be examined. Leave at least three or four feet of space around appliances like the heater and the air conditioner so that the examiner can move around safely and make their observations. The examiner will try as much as possible not to move anything by themselves and if they do not get enough working space, they will not be able to do their job correctly. Prepping your home in this manner will guarantee that the home examination is a smooth and quick process rather than one that makes way for even more examinations.

By hiring the pool service experts well in advance you can get the swimming area decked up perfectly from the upcoming summer. Parties in the swimming pools are a common thing these days. Whenever the summer weekend arrives, family members get together and enjoy a wonderful time to swimming in clear waters. There are a lot of poolside parties that take place in many homes where a limited number of close friends join together to enjoy an afternoon swimming and having a couple of drinks. You can also use the swimming area to host birthday parties for your kids. You can think of a water themed birthday party and open the pool area for kids to enjoy. If you are thinking of organizing a swim party, there are few things that you need to set right in order to make your guests feel at home and have a whale of a time.

Safety must be given due importance

As the saying goes, “safety first” and this should be the first thing that should come to your mind when you are thinking of hosting parties in the swimming area. Hire the pool service experts to do a thorough clean up so that the area looks neat and clean. There should not be any algae in the sides of the area. You should also make the area kid-friendly and ensure the safety of all the guests. It would not be a bad idea to have an adult supervising the entire activity of the kids in the water.

It is very important to get the experts to check out the handrails to make sure that they are safe and secure.

If there is a diving board, ensure that it is in perfect working condition and all bolts are tight.

Putting anti-skid mats on the floors of the changing room is a must to prevent any accidental slips or falls.

Make the accessories readily available

There is always the need for accessories in the swimming area. The party organizer should make all the necessary accessories available so that the guests do not need to wait for anything when they are taking a swim. You should keep the outside shower rooms clean and neat so that the guests have body wash before swimming. Get the pool maintenance people to check if the showers are working to perfection. It would not be a bad idea to have a foot bath in the vicinity of the swimming area so that guests can rinse their feet before plunging into the water. Apart from this, you need to keep fresh towels ready for guests so that they can have a good wipe after the swim.


Keeping everything ready and fully prepared well before the swimming party will help you in conducting a hassle free party.